Microneedle Therapy System

What is A-MTS(Automatic Microneedle Therapy System)?

MTS(Microneedle Therapy System) is a supplemental medical device for non-surgical and non-ablative treatment of various skin conditions such as aging (wrinkles, stretching), scarring (acne, surgical), and hyperpigmentation. Traditionally, MTS has used manually by Stamps or Roller. A-MTS designed to be able to control depth and speed of needle inserting different region of face which will bring the LEAST Pain and maximize the effectiveness.

What is Benefits of A-MTS(Automatic Microneedle Therapy System)?

A-MTS is one of the procedures included in AcuRadiance Rejuvenation Program. When A-MTS combined with Facial Acupuncture Session, you can experience enhancement of Skin Elasticity, Wrinkle Reduction, Acne Scar Reduction, Brightening of Skin tone. Once A-MTS proceed, within 2-3days, one can experience facial skin peels off. This indicates that by stimulating inactive skin cell, A-MTS promotes skin to regenerates active new skin cell on Face. It takes 21 – 28days for our skin to complete regeneration. Treatment interval will be 3-4weeks. How convenient is that? Now, experience benefit of A-MTS @ AcuRadiance!

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