AcuRadiance is Premium Alternative Care Group in Orange County and Los Angeles County.

We are currently offering Pain-less Acupuncture & Variety of Asian Medicine Therapies.

Our Experienced and Skillful Acupuncturists will take Excellent Care of Your Body and Mind!

Chief Physician@Orange Branch
Pain Management, Gynecological, Non-surgical Facial Rejuv. Specialist


I have been in Acupuncture & Asian Medicine practice over 20 years including my experiences in South Korea. I’ve been practicing with Acupuncture & Natural Herbal Therapy as Primary Treatment method and also combined Cupping and Acupressure therapy from time to time for faster relief purpose. My aim is not only to eliminate or alleviate symptoms but to treat the underlying cause and improve the quality of life. In AcuRadiance, you can visulize current balance of body, by DMI(Digital Meridian Imaging).

Welcome to AcuRadiance! New Approach to Acupuncture & Asian Medicine!




For Any Questions – AcuRadiance@Gmail.com

AcuRadiance Proudly Supports Warner Brothers, Disney, Orange & Los Angeles Community


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