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Insomnia and Acupuncture

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia can be present in several different ways.

  1. Hard to Fall asleep
  2. Frequent Waking up (Including waking up for urination)
  3. Waking up Too early in the morning
  4. Insomnia can also accompanied by headaches, dizziness, palpitation, restlessness or gastric discomfort

Why does Insomnia occur?

In theory of Asian Medicine, most of insomnia occur due to Emotional Stress, Environmental Factor, and Aging which causes imbalance of the body.

How does Insomnia can be helped by Acupuncture? And How Many treatment will be needed?

Acupuncture can help Maintain balanced body as well as Relieve Emotional Stress. Once, fine needle is inserted, most of Patient would fall asleep or experience very calm status. Acupuncture can help regulate hormone levels which also can be beneficial for Anti-Aging.   Depends on current condition and severity, treatment can usually take 5 – 10 session. The longer you had problem for more treatments are usually recommended. Occasionally, herbal supplement can be prescribed for the faster effect.

What are the Cost for Insomnia Treatment?

Treatment can be vary, depends on how many sessions needed and what other therapy needs to be prescribed. Most of Patient will pay range of $300 – $500. Since, AcuRadiance accepts most of Insurance, if your plan covers ‘Acupuncture’, you will only need to pay Co-pay or Co-Insurance.  Acupuncturist is considered as ‘Primary Physician’ in California, you do not need referral in order to start the treatment. If you have any question about insurance, please contact AcuRadiance at (714)279-3980 or simply e-mail us at

What is first-step to start Treatment?

Please make an Appointment at desired Location. (Orange, CA or Burbank, CA). You can click appointment tap above, or simply call us at (714)279-3980.  If you would like to ask questions about your condition, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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