AcuRadiance is Patient Oriented Acupuncture Clinic. Our goal is to relieve the Current Complain, as well as resolve the root problem for Healthy Life!

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  1. Posted by Susan Miller on January 11, 2012 at 9:31 am

    Dr. Ki,

    I came in for relief from a most miserable and painful sinusitis and experienced immediate relief after the first visit. After the third visit, nine days later, I felt like the worst of the symptoms were gone and I could manage while my immunities built back up . The ginger and cinnamon tea recommendation was delightful and seemed to really make a difference. The gingko bilboa nuts were not available locally at different health food stores so when you personally brought that in for me, I was so surprised and impressed with your sincerety and generosity to treat the problem. I want to Thank You for not only the healing affects I received but also that you made a miserable time as comforting as possible. Thank You, Dr. Ki, I am most appreciative !!! Susan Miller, Orange, CA


  2. Posted by M. Lee on February 3, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    After I caught a cold, I had severe sore throat along with swollen tonsil which wouldn’t go away for 5 days. I have tried many different medicine including Tylenol, Oregano Oil and several different alternative method, however it did not helped me at all. After referral from my friend, I visited Acuradiance. Detailed consultation with caring treatment made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. After the treatment, I received a one pouch of herb. I took it once that night, next morning I was very surprised that my throat and tonsil was back to normal. I was very satisfied with my visit and result. Thank you, Acuradiance for such a amazing result!

    M. Lee
    Irvine, CA


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